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A guide to IT Staff Augmentation


Oct 7, 2022

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As the online world keeps evolving, the demand for professionals grows as well. In fact, more than 50% of businesses worldwide experience a talent shortage. In these scenarios, IT Staff Augmentation comes as a great opportunity for companies to fulfill their processes and goals.


How does IT Staff augmentation work?

Under an IT Staff augmentation model, the outsourcing company offers developers for a set price per hour of work. Meanwhile, under an outsourcing model per se, the team delivers the mobile application or the web application at a set fee.


Some advantages are:

  • You can hire software developers from anywhere in the world

Staff augmentation services are available all over the world, offering companies a wider talent pool.


  • There are no legal or management issues

Unlike companies that hire their own staff, companies that work with staff augmentation do not need to manage the personnel on a daily basis and deal with the issues related such as payroll, insurance, vacations, etc.


  • There is no need to spend money on training developers

Besides saving money on management related issues, you would also save money on training, as the vendor is the one in charge of keeping the developers up to date with new technologies or processes.


Types of IT Staff Augmentation

There are six model types:

  • Traditional Staff Augmentation

It is ideal for all types of projects. This is the traditional model in which a vendor provides temporary employees.

  • Independent Contractors

Here, independent contractors engaged directly by the company work in the required tasks.

  • Master vendor staff

It is ideal for a large scale. Here, temporary workers fulfill the gaps the company may have.

  • Gig platforms

They are online platforms that provide access to highly-skilled employees. This model type is ideal for minor tasks or for the short term. 

  • On-demand talent platforms

Similar to gig platforms, here vendors can also access highly-skilled employees online. They are ideal for all kinds of projects.

  • Boutique agency

It consists of small companies with a focus on particular skills. This model is perfect for exclusive needs and rare skill sets.


Whether you need help for the short-term or long-term, we will be glad to help you fulfill your goals. At Gmedia, we have skilled professionals to deliver high-quality IT Staff Augmentation services. Contact us and let us help you.

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