QA Services

Our qualified team will establish concrete control over project demands. We monitor the different development stages with the latest technologies and top-notch practices to ensure the highest quality in the project.

Our activities comprise:

automation QA

Our expertise in leveraging the latest standards and technologies
guarantees products of high quality.

Accessibility Testing

Our Accessibility Testing service validates the ability of your product to be easily customized for users with disabilities.

  • Effectiveness

How your product complies with legislation regarding accessibility.

  • Usefulness

Whether or not the users will rely on your product again if it meets their expectation.

  • Satisfaction

How appealing is your product to people with disabilities.

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Website Testing

Testing a website is crucial to ensure the user will have an attractive experience when visiting a site.

  • Browser Compatibility

We validate compatibility with the most popular browsers and multiple operating systems.

  • Functionality Testing

We validate the reliability of your project in three aspects: load, stress and performance.

  • Reliability Testing

Security is a pillar today. Our team ensures your data is safe to reduce risk from vulnerabilities.

Functionality Testing

We ensure the product meets the functional requirements. The goal is to reduce the amount of issues and guarantee an optimized product with the highest quality.

  • Applications types we test:

  • Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, billing systems, etc.)
  • BI and big data solutions
  • Web portals
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Enterprise mobile applications
  • Customer mobile applications
  • IoT solutions

Compatibility Testing

We rigorously test your website or application to ensure its correct operation in all major devices, operating systems and web browsers.

Performance Testing

Our team focuses on reviewing load, stress and performance of your site with high standards to minimize the risk of bottle neck and validate a correct page response time.

  • With our Performance testing solution you can:

  • Identify infrastructure problems.
  • Isolate server capacity problems.
  • Determine the capacity of the current systems.
  • and more

Test Automation

Our automation process reduces test time while improving the quality of the test. The services we provide are tailored to your goals whether it is a mobile application or a website.

  • Automation Methodology

We rely on a strong methodology to make the most of resources and tools.

  • Automation Technologies

We validate the automation with worldwide known technologies according to your project’s need.

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