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WordPress Themes to make your site stand out


Feb 11, 2022

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WordPress is among the most popular platforms for web creation. One of the advantages of the platform is the many themes available. Such themes can improve the website-building workflow and the end result. Today, it is not only about being online but also about standing out in the online world. So we’ve compiled a list of the WordPress themes that will help you attract users to your website this 2022.


1. Total WordPress theme

It is a complete theme that enables users to create websites that are fully responsive and appealing. It is also one of the most popular WordPress themes, with over 48,000 users thanks to its developer-friendly platform and virtually unlimited design and style patterns. Total WordPress offers:

  • A font manager to add fonts from multiple sources.
  • A template library with more than 90 section templates and over 45 quick import demos.


2. BeTheme

It is the biggest WordPress and WooCommerce theme in the world. It is widely popular thanks to its flawlessly responsive, engaging interface, and its many tools like:

  • More than 650 pre-built customizable websites. They can also be configured to address any website style or type.
  • More than 40 core features to make it easier to design different elements.
  • The WooCommerce builder offers multiple template-building tools.
  • It has also a Live Search function and Header builders to facilitate navigation.


3. Rey Theme for WooCommerce

This tool helps with 4 main aspects: filtering, searching, presentation, and navigation. Rey will help you innovate and improve design and performance. For instance, it is one of the most developer-friendly and responsive WooComerce themes out there, and it has multiple features like: 

  • Google and Adobe font integrations.
  • Elementor page builder.
  • Powerful extensions.
  • SEO-friendly plugins.


4. Uncode

Uncode is a WordPress and WooCommerce theme that enables you to create websites with perfectly polished pixel characteristics. It has many toolkits like:

  • Wireframes Plugin, with over 450 sections templates. 
  • A WooCommerce Custom builder and a souped-up front-end editor.
  • Dynamic elements and options to build pages with special templates and designs.
  • Its Impressive Posts module has more than 100 options to pick from.


5. Litho

Litho is a multi-purpose and highly customizable WordPress theme used to build websites of any type. It has many benefits like:

  • Almost unlimited design options, thanks to the integration of Litho to widgets like Elementor and the WordPress customization.
  • Highly customizable and professional templates and pages, crafted with innovative design elements.


Are you interested in modern designs and templates for your website? Gmedia is here to help you. Contact us.

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