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UX Design for eCommerce: What you need to know


Nov 9, 2022

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UX Design for eCommerce stores is a gateway to get to your target audience’s mind. Whereas UI design focuses on an appealing appearance to get the users’ attention with a creative design, UX captivates them in a more long-term approach by providing a smooth app functional experience that solves their needs.


The role of design for e-commerce

A successful  ecommerce website relies on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The quality of the concept that’s presented to the customers
  • The product or service offered and its quality, value
  • How the electronic platform is presented, quality of its design and the sales via


Therefore, design does play an important role in the ecommerce world for the more satisfaction a user finds in the use of the website or app, the more they will trust your brand and keep using the platform. Simply put, A great user experience equals effective mouth marketing, which at the same time equals a better business. When designing an ecommerce website or mobile app, these are the aspects that should be considered:

  • Design that supports the offer, but does not overshadow it
  • Operational simplicity
  • Effective use of visual elements
  • easily available general and contact information about the business providing goods or services


Some experts’ tips for an optimal UX design for eCommerce


Most experts agree that an optimal UXdesign will have the following:


Simplistic Primary Navigation

The navigation function plays a vital role in the eCommerce store. When designing such stores, make sure to include every important aspect in the home page like product categories, sales, featured products and recommendations, etc.



Today’s world demands responsiveness for all types of devices as most users access digital products through a mobile device. So, experts suggest you make sure your eCommerce site’s user experience is flexible to meet all devices’ screens’ aspect ratio.


High-resolution images

There is a big part of customers that rely on a brand based on how appealing the product looks through images. Therefore, you need to add high-resolution images and graphics that will add value to your brand.


What do you think of these tips? Is there any other you would add to the list?

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