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SD-WAN: Seven reasons to choose managed services


Mar 19, 2024

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Does your company need a more flexible, secure and scalable network?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology is revolutionizing the way companies connect their branch offices and remote users. SD-WAN managed services are a great option, however, managing them can be a challenge, and this is where SD-WAN managed services come into play. Why consider this option?

In this article, we will present seven reasons why you should consider SD-WAN managed services:

  1. Costs reduction:

SD-WAN managed services allow you to take advantage of economies of scale and reduce infrastructure costs.

You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or hire specialized personnel to manage your network. By avoiding the need to hire and train additional staff, as well as invest in specialized hardware and software, you can optimize your budget and increase profitability.

  1. Greater flexibility:

With SD-WAN, you can configure and modify your network quickly and easily through a software interface. This allows you to adapt to the changing needs of your business without interruption.

SD-WAN managed services offer exceptional flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Providers can quickly adjust network configuration to meet specific demands, while ensuring seamless scalability as your business grows.

  1. Improved security:

SD-WAN managed services include advanced security features such as web application firewalls, content filtering, and intrusion prevention.

This helps you protect your data and maintain the integrity of your confidential data.

  1. Greater scalability:

SD-WAN is a highly scalable technology that can grow with your business. You can easily add or remove users and devices without requiring major changes to your infrastructure.

With SD-WAN, you have peace of mind knowing that your network can grow and adapt as your business moves into the future.

  1. Better performance:


How does Software-Defined WAN achieve this level of superior performance? It uses advanced intelligent routing and traffic management techniques to route data efficiently through the network.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network optimizes network traffic and improves application performance. This allows you to offer a better experience to your users and increase productivity.

  1. Management simplification:


Software-Defined Wide Area Network managed services free you from the burden of managing your network. A service provider takes care of setting up, monitoring and maintaining your network, allowing you to focus on your business.

Additionally, SD-WAN managed services offer greater peace of mind by providing continuous monitoring and technical support in case of problems. Knowing that you have a team of experts available 24/7 to help you in the event of a network emergency gives you an invaluable sense of security and confidence.

  1. Focus on Core Business


Finally, by entrusting Software-Defined Wide Area Network management to third-party professionals, you can focus on what really matters: growing your business. By leaving the network in expert hands, you can dedicate more time and resources to innovate, expand and improve your products or services.

Are you ready to take your network to the next level?

In short, Software-Defined Wide Area Network managed services offer a comprehensive solution for your company’s connectivity needs. From improving operational efficiency to ensuring safety and performance, this option provides a number of significant benefits. Consider adopting SD-WAN managed services to take your business to the next level of success in the digital world.

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