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Pros and Cons of using WordPress for your site


Nov 11, 2022

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WordPress has established itself as one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) to use thanks to its facilities. One of the things that make CMS ideal is they are built with a source code that is accessible to the public instead of being owned and controlled by a single company. But as new CMS appear in the scenario, the question arises: is using WordPress for your site still a good idea in 2022? Well, here will share some pros and cons so you can decide.


WordPress Pros

  • Ease of use

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use by anyone without need for knowledge in coding. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis can be done really fast.

  • It is cost effective

WordPress’ software is free to download and use. Therefore, if you want a website with little customization, using WordPress can be cheaper than developing a custom option for your site.

  • Search engines love WordPress websites

Since WordPress code is simple, search engines can easily read and index the content of your website. Besides, every element, like image, page, post, can have its own meta tag keywords, description allowing for precise SEO.

  • Your site can grow as your business grows

Another advantage is that WordPress is scalable, which means you will be able to have thousands of pages and blog posts without compromising the performance of your site.


WordPress Cons

  • The code is often targeted by hackers

This may be the biggest downsite. Websites that use a CMS are attractive targets to hackers because a single vulnerability can open the door to any attack.

  • The customization can be costly

While the software is free, implementing a customized model may be costly depending on your demands.

  • You need the updates

Installing updates is important to the health of your WordPress site, for they maintain proper security on WordPress websites. However, updates may bring some small problems to a website in which case you may have to revert to an older WordPress state.


Now that you know the pros and cons of this CMS, what do you think? Would you use it for your site?


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