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How to improve customer experience in your eCommerce


Oct 14, 2021

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Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity each time. With such a widespread, giving users a good experience is crucial. For one thing, a friendly website facilitates the process of shopping. And, for another, when clients feel their needs are satisfied, they are more likely to come back and purchase again, so, undoubtedly, customer experience is a point to keep in mind if you want your eCommerce to succeed.

What is the eCommerce customer experience?

This term is used to describe the sum of every touchpoint, engagement, feeling, or thought involved between a customer and a brand. It starts the moment a customer sees anything or hears about your brand and goes to the moment post-purchase.

How to improve the customer experience

1. Build audience and trust

Creating a valuable experience is key to build trust among your audience. The more you engage with them, the more they will engage with your brand and your products. What you need to do is create alignment and become data-driven. This way, you will know your customers and interests and offer them a way to satisfy their needs instead of putting up things to try.

2. Survey your customers

Today, listening to your customers is easier than ever with multiple channels serving this purpose. If you want your brand to connect and your products to be desirable, you need to listen to what your customers are saying. There are multiple ways of “listening” to your customers like reviews on your site, comments on social media, and more.

3. Focus on Navigation usability

When you think of a physical store, you come up with images of an organized place, with a specific space for a category of products, right? This helps to have a good experience. This same principle is applied to online shopping.

Your eCommerce store needs to be organized, easy to navigate, and, overall, prioritize the customer experience.

4. Optimize the Logistics technology

As a customer, you need a guarantee as reassurance. Therefore, logistics-related technologies are an important part of the customer experience for an eCommerce business. Object tracking is one of the best examples of this. 

Today, customers can get notifications about their products via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Or even if they do not want the notifications, they are able to track their products online with a code. This helps the overall shopping experience, so consider including these options.

5. Consider Artificial intelligence

Monitoring an online store is easier with artificial intelligence that generates data about the time people spend navigating through your store, the numbers of products added to the shopping cart, and other patterns of behavior.

With AI, you can identify the reasons behind cart abandonment, errors in freight calculation, etc, and work on strategies that help improve the sale process.

Want to boost your eCommerce and the customer experience? Contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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