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Here’s why you need a Dedicated Development Team


Feb 7, 2022

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Nowadays, many companies decide to work with a Dedicated Development Team as it constitutes a viable approach for software development. This model consists in expanding a company’s unit by adding dedicated software developers located in an area with lower rates. The term “dedicated” means the group of developers is solely focused on the client’s project and requests.


The DDT model is mostly used in two scenarios: to cover the sporadic need for resources, to deliver products the fastest way possible.


As mentioned, a dedicated development team interweaves a virtual team with a company to develop a software project. The team does not work at the client’s office, so it can reduce the costs of some services. Another advantage is this model helps accelerate the development of software projects as there is a bigger number of people working.


Why do you need this model?

  • To accelerate things.

This option is ideal not only to get things done in time but also to have projects ready even before the deadline.


  • To reduce costs.

The cost of hiring a developer full-time in a country like the US or in Western Europe is usually around 100K-200K per year without considering other benefits and administrative costs. Hiring a dedicated development team means you do not have to think about in-house expenses.


  • It will help you escalate fast.

Whether you want to speed up to meet the deadline requirements or whether you need extra hands for more projects, this model will help you achieve objects in a fast, efficient way and, in the long term, you will be able to escalate. You can have your in-house team working on the main project and hire a dedicated team for adjacent projects.


  • You will have a lot of coverage.

Another advantage of the model is that it gives your team more time to focus on your vital processes and core projects. And, at the same time, you will also have another team working 8 hours a day. This totals 16 hours, which offers a big coverage for multiple projects.


What are the steps to build a dedicated development team?

In order to work with this model in the best way, there are some steps to consider:

1. Define your requirements.

The first thing to do is to define the requirements and the needs for the project. To set things clear, you should talk to your tech stack since they are the ones closer to the project’s needs.


2. Interview candidates.

To establish a good relationship, you should know some details about the provider of the team such as company culture, their philosophy, communication style, etc.


3. Launch the team.

Once you have the team, make sure to set up regular meetings to evaluate the processes. Having small meetings with details on the evolution is better than having only one final meeting because you can evaluate the process and fix errors in time.


Are you looking for a dedicated development team to escalate your business and projects? We are here to help you. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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