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eCommerce Trends: 4 ways the industry will change


Oct 11, 2021

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The world of eCommerce keeps on growing more and more thanks to new technologies and advancements. There is no doubt that it is reshaping the concept of buying and the concept of stores. Indeed, eCommerce has impacted our lives and will continue to impact it in the years to come. Some specialists have predicted how online stores will change in the future. Here are 4 eCommerce trends:

Social shopping

Today social media platforms have improved their selling capacities and went from only showing products to displaying the price, description, and actually allowing sales. In fact, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest among others now show a shop button. In the same way, Instagram shows stories with tags and stickers to allow companies to sell their products. 

With social media’s wide reach, it is no surprise that it has expanded into a sales channel. According to experts, it is time to prepare for social media selling and create more innovative ways to simplify the sale process.

Virtual Reality Shopping

More and more companies are looking to reshape the online buying process by offering virtual reality options. This allows an immersed experience with high levels of customization. In the future, customers will have a whole VR experience when buying something with options like browsing products, adding them to the cart, and even the checking process.

Automated Shipping Vehicles

Automated shipping vehicles represent an interesting lucrative advancement as they will simplify things with no need for human interaction. Today, drones are one example of automated shipping vehicles and they can deliver orders to a direction in a matter of hours. As a giant, Amazon is already investing in automated drones for delivery and experts predict more brands will join it soon due to its multiple advantages, such as:

  • Reduced cost of shipping and travel time.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.
  • No risk of human error.
  • Reduced risk of accidents.


Mobile devices are at the center of all interaction and, therefore, strategies. During the previous years, the mobile market has developed and now possesses 70% of e-commerce traffic. Furthermore, online stores have a huge competitive edge over physical stores because of their 100% accessibility and availability.

Thanks to the ever-availability of online stores in mobile devices, buying through this medium is becoming a widespread practice and has sparked a call for business owners to join this movement with mobile-friendly sites and even with mobile applications. How to do it?

  1. First, focus on making the checkout process mobile-friendly so there is no trouble and users will not get discouraged.
  2. Pay attention to App Store Optimization to enhance your app’s visibility in the market.
  3. Finally, use push-up notifications with special promotions, discount codes, and more. This way, you will build loyalty among your clients and attract new ones.

Are you interested in boosting your sales and making the most of eCommerce trends? We are here to help you. At Glajumedia, we work with the latest technologies to enhance your site and boost your sales.

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