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Copywriting tips to improve your landing page


Aug 3, 2022

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One of the most important aspects when creating a landing page is relevant content. Of course, it needs an intuitive and user-friendly design. But, the content it displays will guarantee more visits and more interactions with your site that can end up in conversions. Here are some copywriting tips to help you stand out.


What does a landing page need in order to convert its visitors?

  1. Consistent messaging across the page.
  2. Relevant and enticing calls to action.
  3. Texts that evoke emotion.
  4. Content written for a specific audience profile.
  5. Content that delivers a unique and clear value proposition.


Copywriting tips to make your landing page outstanding and trustworthy

  • Create more compelling headliners

The headline must be interesting and attractive. According to a Copyblogger survey, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your copy. It is a strong headline that will ultimately motivate visitors to keep reading the content. 

  • Include relevant testimonials

Testimonials always give that extra confidence to go for a product or service. It is well known that people tend to trust their pairs more than brands, so adding reviews and testimonials from actual buyers will increase your reputation and most likely convert your visitors. But what information should the testimonial include? For testimonials to be relevant, they should include the problem the client was facing, your company’s solution to the problem and the results they got from using your solution.

  • Elevate the user experience

There’s this simple formula to evaluate a person’s happiness:

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

When the reality of your service or product doesn’t go along with the expectations, it is underdelivering. However, when the clients get more than they are expecting, they are pleased. 

  • Get rid of points of friction

It is easier to get conversions when you remove distractions that cause people to leave without shopping, subscribing to a newsletter or signing up. What are the points of friction to remove?

  • Social media icons that distract people and are not relevant.
  • Distractors like a space for people to comment that is not being used, a filter, etc. You can find points of friction to remove with a heat mapping or A/B testing.

Want your landing page to stand out? Make sure to follow our tips. And contact us to help you succeed.


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