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A guide to getting started with cloud computing


Feb 10, 2022

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The very first step to getting started with cloud computing is to choose a cloud provider. But what is a cloud provider? It is a company that offers computing services over the internet allowing brands to both store and run applications on people’s computers and devices. 


Why should you use a cloud provider?


A cloud provider helps you set up your infrastructure and maintain it with lower expenses compared to purchasing equipment. In other words, this model allows you to maintain applications without having to worry about the physical infrastructure.


How to select the cloud provider?

There’s a wide range of cloud providers available. Today, some of the most popular ones are:

  • Google Cloud
  • IBM
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure

The most popular cloud provider is Amazon Web Services and its certifications are among the highest-paying certifications in the IT world.


What is cloud computing?

According to Iayman, cloud computing is using the computer of someone else. You rent the servers of another organization to deliver IT resources on-demand with a model of the pay-as-you-go.


What are the benefits of cloud computing?

There are multiple benefits of using cloud computing, among them:

  • Increased speed

When using a cloud provider, you are able to create or terminate resources in jsut a few minutes. Your team will not have to implement solutions on-premise.


  • Better use of resources

You will not have to worry about overutilization and under-utilization. Cloud computing allows you to scale up or down the use of resources according to your needs.


  • Economies of scale benefits

This model allows splitting the cost with other customers to receive discounts. You are not paying for the whole cost of infrastructure, you are just renting the part you need.


  • More facilities to go global

You will be able to deploy your applications to a wide range of locations around the world, with minimal effort and costs.


We hope this guide will help you understand the world of cloud computing better. If you’re looking for the best allies for your IT projects, Gmedia is here to help. Contact us.

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