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6 tips to build a strong remote team culture


Oct 29, 2021

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Positive work culture is key for companies. According to studies it gives workers a sense of belonging, along with the comfort and tranquility to work well on their tasks. Additionally, teams with a good team culture have a greater sense of accountability. This benefits the company and the brand perception.

A meta-analysis report in 2020 by Gallup concluded that “Developing highly engaged teams results in fewer negative outcomes, more positive outcomes, and greater success for your organization.”  

If ensuring a good team culture is a challenge on its own, doingsot in a remote context represents some more difficulties. We have compiled a list that will help you build a strong remote team culture:

Prioritize communication

Good communication is the pillar of everything. A good, respectful environment keeps workers happy and motivated. Team members with a strong communication base are:

  • More likely to help each other.
  • Eager to work collaboratively in a successful way.
  • More able to complete tasks on time.

A good way to keep communication when working remotely is by scheduling a call for the whole company at least once a week.

Organize casual syncs

Casual syncs between team members guarantee every person is on the same page. This also gives a good opportunity for analyzing the workflow. Additionally, this practice breaks barriers down. With remote work, it is easy to isolate oneself from colleagues considering there is no interaction. However, casual syncs help feel closer still and work towards the same end.

Keep telling your company’s story

Storytelling is powerful. It is thanks to mutual stories that ties are made. Therefore, if you want team members to remain committed to your company and the core values, you should keep telling the story of the company. In a remote scenario, this works like glue keeping people together. So remember to mention the company’s values, vision, and mission every now and then. You can also share how every individual contributes to the goals and the success. 

Make sure everyone knows they are supported

Besides having an environment where everyone feels free to speak and propose ideas, it is important to let collaborators know they are supported. During the pandemic, some companies opted for some programs prioritizing mental health.

Give employees recognition

Ensuring your workers feel valued is a must in any scenario, but within a remote environment, it becomes even more important. Having someone on the team that recognizes collaborators’ efforts and expresses gratitude can make employees feel they are valued and their work matters. This leads to increased productivity.

Encourage interaction among departments

One way to break barriers is by encouraging people from different departments to interact and ultimately collaborate. When working remotely, it is usual to interact only with a certain team, which creates some kind of division. To avoid these, you can come off with projects that require interdepartmental practices or even virtual meetings or funny activities to ensure people get to know each other.

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