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What is a Landing Page and why you need one


Nov 4, 2022

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You have probably heard the term landing page, but what is it exactly? A landing page is a webpage designed to persuade visitors to do one specific action like purchasing a product or registering, etc. Usually, visitors will land on your page via a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Some other ways they can land on this site is through a social media post, email campaigns, organic search results, or even through your homepage. 


A landing page is often the very first contact your visitors will have with your website, just like your homepage. Nonetheless, their purposes are quite different. While a homepage acts a a gateway to other pages, landing pages are standalone pages set to drive conversions.


What is the purpose of a landing page?

Landing pages are ideal for the following purposes:

  • Driving pre-orders for a product.
  • Getting sign ups for newsletters.
  • Selling a product.
  • Directing users to download an app
  • Registering users for an event
  • Scheduling users for a sale call or meeting


How do you create a landing page?

The secret for a successful landing page is simplicity. Keep in mind that they are designed around a single action, so making them simple will conduct the users easily. To keep things as simple as possible, landing pages do not include a menu at the topbar. Some of the elements they include are:


Hero image:

It is a graphical element that makes the page more appealing. It is usually big and located near the top page.


Headline and subheadings:

The headline must be simple, relevant and catchy. In a normal structure, headlines are followed by a subheading, which is shown in a smaller font.


Supporting copy:

This text will describe your offer with more detail. They are not always necessary, as the headline and subheading can deliver the message perfectly.

Call to action (CTA):

It is a button that can appear at the center of the page, or at the side. The idea is that, once the user clicks on the CTA, they will be redirected to the next step of the interaction. Some actions can be:

  • To sign up for an event
  • To purchase product or service
  • To subscribe to the newsletter
  • To download an app
  • To download an ebook

Now that you know more about landing pages, let us help you build one that will efficiently reach your goals. Contact us today.


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