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Web Design: 8 Tools and resources to work smarter


Sep 23, 2021

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Every expert needs a powerful tool to help them keep improving. Besides, having an organized workflow is one of the most important assets to be able to deliver projects in time, with the best quality, and, why not say it? with some new ideas that are trending. Truth is, web design is constantly evolving with new patterns every now and then, and having resources to check to stay up to date is important. So we compiled a list with some for you here:


1. Be Theme

It is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a great array of core features and innovative designs. It has around 600 pre-responsive designs. Another advantage of this platform is that it is highly flexible and user-friendly. 

2. Web Font Specimen

This resource lets you check the typography by analyzing the HTML specimen in your browser. The specimen will show whole paragraphs in various line heights and font sizes, different headings, lists that are ordered and unordered, as well as italic and bold text. With this, you can analyze the body size comparison that reveals aspects of the typeface.

3. LayerSlider

It became popular for allowing the creation of sliders but now it is a multi-use application for creating any type of content including high-quality animations. With LayerSlider you can:

  • Give some dynamism and a new aspect to your old website. 
  • Create popups with extensive animation capabilities.
  • Optimize for mobile devices.

4. SwatchSpot

SwatchSpot is a resource that creates random color swatches to inspire you. You can lock in the color you like and simply shuffle away from the ones you do not like. You can also grab the codes of each color or download your palette.

5. 8b Website Builder

This website builder is known to have multiple futuristic designs. It is Google-friendly and can be used on a desktop or a mobile device. 8b comes with over 250 website sections and 16 starter templates.

6. Litho

It is a responsive multipurpose HTML5 template with blocks and inner pages that are professionally crafted and curated. It is user-friendly and offers a great starting point for website design. AcrossLitho you will find:

  • Interactive banners
  • Hero sliders
  • Contact forms and more.

7. Icon Reference Chart

A chart created to collect the sizes, formats, and related information about icons used on different devices. It also offers the option of downloading a template for icons according to device format.

8. Traft Booking Software

It is equipped with a dashboard and booking forms that help simplify the workflow of booking operations from beginning to end. Among its advantages, Traft can:

  • Manage appointments, services and employees.
  • Manage pricing, online payments and employee’s schedules.
  • Customize the Trafft Booking Form to go with your brand.

Today, web design is one of the most challenging areas and requires being ahead in order to succeed. Are you looking for the best team to design the website of your dreams? Contact us, we will be happy to help.

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