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UI Design: The 9 latest trends for 2020


Aug 7, 2020

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Digital tendencies are in constant change and adaptation. It is important to stay on the top for any website design company to be recognized as effective. In January of this year, there were more than 1.94 million websites. Right now, there are more than 4 million mobile apps ready to be downloaded. 

User Interface Design has completely changed the way everybody consumes technology and interacts with different machines. UI involves creating an artistic sensible material for users and the creation of sticky digital experiences. Here are the 10 latest UI Design trends that every UI designer or company must know now.

New Neumorphism

It brings a combination of a flat design like real-life textures, depth, and shadows. Even when this trend is not new, it just goes recognize not so long ago. Also, it will become trendy to use brevity, elegant, and ultra-technical design. 

Animated illustrations

Illustrations have been in constant evolution in the last past years. They are popular due to experiences such as natural feel and “human touch”. Also, free forms, unaligned designs, and vast asymmetries help platforms to stand out from the generic ones. This creates a friendly and inviting environment that brings users a better experience. 

To make your illustrations even more outstanding, it should come to life with complex motions. They easily capture users’ attention and explain what a company or brand has to offer. Other animated elements including logos, illustrations, and texts will also help users differentiate one part from others. 


Micro-interaction is a crucial experience that your user has while using the product. Usually, they are tiny enticing moments built into the application that simulates a feeling. Also, micro-interactions increase the stickiness of the product and service which helps generate a positive impression for the company.


By using color, typography, animation, and interaction design, UI designers introduce the stories necessary for an incredible UX. For example, Google’s Pixel Earbuds landing page guides users through the benefits of the products with thoughtful animations, relatable, imagery, and stellar typography that creates a positive emotional response. Therefore, storytelling is about handing over the best informative and creative ways to users.

Fullscreen smartphones

Nowadays, most phones have rounded edges which means quite a change in their interface. It turns into a challenge because UI designers must use sharp-edged elements. Moreover, iPhones stop having home buttons and Android phones are not using anymore the on-screen buttons. They are creating completely new navigation styles for users. Therefore, visual hints or onboarding must be added to help your users understand the navigation process.


2020 is the year that UI designers decided to get a little rebellious with all traditional typography rules. One of the main differentiation of today’s advertising is the use of bold typography. The fonts must create a dual ask of engaging users and conveying brand personality. Big typography can define a visual hierarchy and highlights minimalistic designs. Also, strong statements in bold are being used in some website headers because serve as elevator pitches.

Dark Mode

In the present, there are a lot of users going ‘dark mode’ on applications. Dark mode has a high demand because its dark interfaces are set off with a bright accent and easy to read typography. For example, Apple users can set up a time for when their device switches its appearance automatically.  Moreover, it reduces eye strain and lowers battery consumption for mobiles and tablets.


They are a combination of different colors with little contrast. Indeed, this will stand out the object from the rest by adding new realism and dimension. For example, too bright and flashy gradients aren’t trendy anymore. Many UI designers prefer to use simple and subtle gradients but always bringing volume and depth.

3D Graphic

3D design elements are a huge trend because they bring more interactive and engaging ways to present your product or service. Indeed, 3D graphics deliver a view in a 360-degree presentation that improves the overall UX experience.

Get the latest UI design trends for your business, Glajumedia has the experience, knowledge, and top practices about Ui design, 

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