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Everything about Cloud Business Intelligence


Oct 22, 2022

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Cloud Business Intelligence is powerful when trying to find mines of data from customers. Business intelligence tools allow you to access valuable insights about users that you can later apply to offer a better experience.


What is Cloud Business Intelligence?

 Cloud business intelligence consists in combining cloud computing and business intelligence so that businesses can fetch valuable data about users. It relies on BI tools and cloud infrastructure that can be accessed with virtual networks along the internet.

It can be used by multiple users without affecting the speed, scalability, and overall performance.


Why is Clouding a perfect match to Business Intelligence?


These two technologies make a great pair for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Cloud BI is good at security

Cloud BI software is among the most secure as it hasmany enhancements, which enable data analysts to work with data without letting anyone involved in it. 


  • Seamless integration with other databases

Cloud-based business intelligence systems can be easily integrated with other software and databases to enhance the flow of information. Business intelligence solutions utilize data from different social media platforms in order to do real-time sentiment analysis.


  • An affordable platform compared to others

Thanks to the integration of business intelligence to cloud computing, the business scenario had several improvements and advantages, being one of them a more affordable platform. Cloud BI is well-known to be affordable and scalable. 

The implementation of BI to the cloud made things budget-friendly and effortless, unlike what it used to be like when Business Intelligence was operating alone and the costs of it were high.


  • It can easily follow trends

A Cloud BI product is constantly updated by the cloud vendors because they need their service to be high-quality. Therefore, when it comes to the usage of Cloud BI, you can be confident that you are using updated solutions.


Have you heard of Cloud BI and these benefits before? Are there any other benefits you would add? At Glajumedia, we stay up to date with the latest technology and trends to make sure our solutions can satisfy our clients’ needs in the best possible way. If you want to know more about our cloud solutions, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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