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Cybersecurity: Top Practices for Backend Developers


May 11, 2020

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In the last 5 years, a study shows global demand for cybersecurity experts increases each year. Many enterprises and companies have been strongly looking for the top security talents to build a reliable service and secure user’s data. 

The first step should be to create a more secure product or service by hiring more engineers specialized in cybersecurity. This article will show up some top cybersecurity practices when you are dealing with information from your customers. 


The best way to start is by detecting suspicious activities and throttle or block them to prevent any kind of attacks. For example, Cloudflare can be used as content delivery networks that detect suspicious traffic and block them at their source. Besides, users must not be allowed to do things that will overload the site. 

An action that should be throttled, it is the number of requests that users can make. This way, they can’t make a bunch of requests at the same time and crush your system. Also, other suspicious activities carry deleting or editing a huge amount of data at once.


To have a secure and user-friendly site is not always easy to create. You have to make sure that the level of security is high-level which might boost development time. In fact, it is not a visible feature for users and sometimes it could affect the performance of your software. The right balance of cybersecurity and user-friendly is that backend developers need to have practical knowledge of cryptography. 


The understanding of database security requires management techniques and programing demands such as cryptography and access control (as extra features) than cornerstones. 

Here are two main drawbacks:

  1. Trust tokens:
  • Designs rely on storing tokens inside of the infrastructure.
  • Trust tokens are large attract surface by opening access to many records at once.
  1. Trusting infrastructure
  • With the designs, this shows up that the infrastructure exists, works properly, and might not be in danger. 


APIs can carry a lot of power, so you should restrict any powerful action to users that can get into those APIs. Indeed, it is crucial to have authentication and authorization mechanisms because this way you make sure only the people that you allow can access resources. Most of the time, external APIs are secure with an API key or OAuth. Internal APIs are secure with session stores and a JSON web token to see if a user is allowed to do certain activities. 


You must run an audit to detect suspicious activity and throttle login attempts, so you can prevent brute attacks to log into your site. 

Get in touch with us today! You can find the right developers that possess the best practices related to cybersecurity, 

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