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Importance of a FAQ page


Nov 26, 2022

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You have probably noticed that many websites have a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) and that is because, among other things, it helps provide a better user experience.


What is the importance of a FAQ page?

FAQs enable a company to deal with specific queries or doubts that may arise about a product or service. They show visitors an interest in helping them understand so they can rest assured their purchase will be fine.


Having a FAQs has many benefits, here we explain some of them: 


A FAQ page helps users navigate through a site

You will realize that most of the answers in your FAQ page already exist in another page on your website. However, summing it all up in just one place makes things easier for your visitors. Besides, the FAQ space can also serve as a way to point them where they need to go.


It establishes trust

Having a FAQ on your website shows visitors you care about them and want to make things easily accessible and understandable. It shows your compromise to find solutions, which helps create a sense of trust for your brand. Also, by providing comprehensive answers to common questions, you show thought leadership and authority within the industry.


It can help you save money on customer service

By grouping the most common questions and answers in a single page, you give your visitors an initial place to go instead of calling the phone for customer service. In worse cases, these visitors could also abandon the site.


This page improves user experience

Truth is, even the most organized websites will leave some questions unanswered and looking through many pages can get exhausting. When grouping all the information in just one space, however, you improve the user experience by facilitating things for visitors. One of the biggest reasons for a user not converting into a sale is unanswered questions or a thirst for more information. 


It helps with SEO 

When it comes to increasing traffic through search engines, a good FAQ page has great potential because it optimizes the user experience and can generate more traffic. Moreover, FAQs also represent high quality, relevant content. This is looked upon favorably in the Search engine results page and results in better ranks for your website.


Now that you know more about a FAQ page and its benefits, make sure to include it on your website.

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