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Everything about SEO Forecasting


Nov 5, 2022

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SEO forecasting is the process of looking at analytics data from previous search traffic. All of this is done in order to predict future search traffic and value from SEO efforts. It can include calculating the cost of your investments, your site’s conversion rate, and your sales.


Why is SEO Forecasting important?

It is a vital task for companies because:

  • It helps determine how to make future decisions that fall in line with big picture goals for your brand. 
  • It can help businesses understand where to focus their efforts.
  • SEO forecasting gives you a competitive edge over other SEOs.
  • It creates better client relationships.


How to use SEO Forecasting

Doing SEO Forecasting is not that difficult. But you will need the right tools and knowledge. These are the steps you need to take:


1. Gather data

To start with the process, you need to gather historical data for your website traffic. One way to do this is through a Google Analytics report or another analytics tool. Here, we suggest you go as far back as you can with your site’s information, as it will give you a better clue about seasonal phases or even some patterns.


2. Consider outside factors

After gathering your past data, you need to think of the outside factors that may have influenced the results. Some of these factors can be:

  • The Google algorithm changes that impacted traffic.
  • Seasons that may increase the visits for your page’s content.
  • Prior marketing campaigns or pay per click advertising that raised the traffic numbers.
  • In case you are an eCommerce, keep in mind dates with traffic higher than usual like Black Friday, Cyber Days, etc.


3. Use a forecasting tool

For this step, we suggest you use at least a couple of tools so you can compare the data and create a better estimate. Just take all the information you have gathered and enter it into the tool.


4. Analyze the data

The final step is analyzing the data, but make sure to take a look at the emerging trends that you notice and see if they will continue into the future. Here, you can also notice your weak points and try to get better at them. The process of analysis will help you determine which adjustments are needed to reach your goals.

Now that you know more about SEO forecasting, make sure to include it into your strategy.

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