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Benefits of Software licensing


Apr 12, 2023

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With the advancement and development of new programs and technologies, comes the interest in using them. This is precisely the reason for software licenses: to have full access to a technology. Software licenses are legal agreements that define how a software application or program can be used, distributed and even modified. Using a software license has many advantages. Here is a list of the benefits of software licensing.


Improved Cybersecurity

Data loss is a big problem for businesses of all sizes. If it occurs, it can result in the downfall of your business. Software licenses include maintenance and support services, such as bug fixes, security updates, and technical support. This ensures that the software remains up-to-date and secure, protecting users from potential vulnerabilities and minimizing the risk of software failure or crashes.



Thanks to software licensing, companies have more flexibility in choosing the features they want to  include in their subscription packages. This means you can customize the package to work best for your company without paying extra for features you will not use. This is impossible with traditional purchasing models, where everything is packaged and sold individually for a fixed price.


Customer support

Vendors will usually offer additional customer support services such as free phone support, live chat, and email support. These are great alternatives in case there is a problem with the platform or technology. First, having access to a quick answer is better than searching through documentation and forums to find a solution. Second, vendors have a deeper knowledge of the product they are selling, so they can guide you.


Customization and Modification

A software license can also grant users the right to customize or modify the software to suit their specific needs. Open-source licenses, for example, allow users to view and modify the source code of the software. This can lead to innovation and collaboration within the developer community, resulting in improved software and features.


Compliance and Legal Protection

Using licensed software ensures that users are in compliance with copyright laws and other legal requirements. Using unlicensed software can result in legal action and potential fines, which can be costly for individuals and businesses.


As we have seen, there is a variety of benefits of software licensing including cybersecurity and maintenance, customization, flexibility and more.

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