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Tips for a SEO friendly website


Aug 23, 2022

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Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is present all over the internet as it is an important marketing tool that helps your website gain organic traffic. It is crucial for websites, especially for small business owners. This is why, we have compiled some tips for a SEO friendly website that will help you position your brand.

  • Set your Organic Search Baseline

Considering SEO focuses on improving the search engine ranking, analyzing your baseline is the first step. It is important to know how visible your website domain is for both, desktop and mobile devices. This SEO audit , however, goes beyond just your site. Make sure to analyze your competitors’ websites as well.

  • Research keywords and search queries

Keywords are phrases or words that users plug into search engines like Google and later conduct to your site. Therefore, it is important to align your keywords to your website content and to what matters for your target audience.

  • Create website content to target valuable keywords

Content is what makes a website unique. When you create valuable content, you help get traffic to your site and subsequently, leads. What are other advantages of creating content for your site? It helps you establish your site as an authority.

What do you need to start creating content? First, you have to choose the content. Once you’ve done this, think of the keywords that suit best. Keep in mind they trigger your website to appear in search results. Do keyword research so you can find relevant phrases.

Once you’ve selected your phrases, choose the right format for your content. There are multiple options such as blogs, ebooks, infographics, videos, etc.

  • Optimize header tags

The key to a SEO friendly website is optimizing your header tag. But, what is a header tag? They are the sentences that designate the start of a section. Simply put, a section’s title is a header. 

To start optimizing headers, make sure to include your keywords in the header. First of all, make sure your blog’s title has the most important keyword on it. This integration will help search engines understand the context of your page. 

For other headers like H2, H3; you can include other related keywords.

  • Use internal linking

Adding internal linking to your website will help search engines index your pages. Google, for example, will not always be able to find every page your website has, that is why you need to help Google. How so? Well, one easy way to help Google discover your pages is when you use internal linking. Just make sure you do it correctly. Avoid linking random pages. Instead, focus on linking pages that are relevant to the topic.

  • Stay Informed

Search engine optimization is evolving all the time because algorithms get updates every now and then. That is why there are specialists who dedicate their entire careers to SEO. Make sure to keep yourself informed by reading, following bloggers in the industry, taking courses when you have the chance.


Are you interested in building a strong website? Contact us and let us help you.

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