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DevOps Tools you should know in 2021


Nov 16, 2021

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The method of DevOps integrates IT operations and software development to help companies increase their capacity to develop services and applications in a fast effective manner. Essentially, it allows companies to release software and implement changes as fast as possible through automation. 

DevOps tools focus on exchanging data and technical knowledge among all kinds of stakeholders. Due to their multiple advantages, these tools are used for a wide variety of IT programs and they often coexist with other methods such as Agile software development; IT service management frameworks, project management directives, and more. But which are the best tools in 2021? Here’s a list.


It is a container platform developed by Google. It takes containerization to a new level through an open-source system that helps handle containerized apps into logical units. One of its advantages is that it can be used for scaling both, mobile and web apps. Besides, it degrades online server instances when downtimes occur.


Ansible focuses on the automation process and collaboration. It can be used throughout the whole app life cycle to integrate and automate the stages of testing, development, performance handling, and deployment. Moreover, this tool reduces risks because of insufficient knowledge of the IR infrastructure.


Nagios is one of the popular tools that work for the whole system and infrastructure. Like any open-source, it is free to use and works monitoring, correcting, and offering solutions to any issue related to infrastructures such as networks, databases, apps, logs, and more. Among its advantages, it monitors available bandwidth and network traffic. This, with the aim to optimize its usage while solving issues automatically.


It is mostly used for desktop applications because it can automate administrative and testing tasks for web apps while creating scalable scripts. Selenium is composed by:

  • Grid: A tool that runs tests on different devices to level and scale the testing efforts.
  • IDE: This Firefox and Chrome add-on helps with browser monitoring thanks to the record-and-playback of interactions.
  • WebDriver: A tool that enables making unique, browser-based regression automation suites while scaling scripts across multiple environments. The scripts can be built in a variety of languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, and more.


Cataloged as one of the most favorable tools for open-source contributors. It is a very popular DevOps tool because of its Source Code Management tool that enables developers to track the stages of your application development. It is easy to use and developers have the option to return to an earlier version if needed because it saves the source code versions. Git allows a quicker release cycle and aids pull requests while showing the workflow so that developers know exactly which stage they are working on.


What do you think of the list? Is there any other DevOps tool you would recommend? If you are looking for the best team to develop and launch your application, talk to us. We will be glad to help you.

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