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5 Web Development Trends for 2022


Mar 16, 2022

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Every year comes with new challenges and opportunities for brands around the world. In the digital space, in particular, staying relevant and ahead of competitors becomes more defiant. This is why identifying the most effective web development trends represents an important advantage. So here is a list of the trends for 2022.


  • Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA is a trending technology that contains a single page. This loads the whole website page initially and continues to load the dynamic content later. The two most used tools to make SPAs responsive are HTML5 and AJAX.

On the other hand, technologies like React, Ember, Vue, and Angular deal with client-side SPA development.

Studies say SPAs can boost conversion rates up to 37%, helping businesses reach the desired audience. In fact, they have multiple advantages, among them:

  • Simplified user navigation.
  • Offline support.
  • Debugging.


  • Voice search

Voice search has become increasingly popular in recent years, and experts predict that we will continue to see more of its impacts in the upcoming ones. According to a Statista report, the voice search market will surpass  35.5 billion US dollars by 2025. 

Web Speech API integrates voice search technology in any kind of application, with two great components. First, Speech Synthesis enables scripts to read text content with its text-to-speech element. Second, Speech Recognition identifies the voice context and responds to queries.


  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWA technology is probably the fastest-growing nowadays. Progressive web applications are, in essence, apps that function as websites, with the advantage of a full-native mobile app experience. So, even though it runs independently, it can efficiently communicate with clients as a native app.

Statista showed 9% of eCommerce organizations invested in PWAs in 2021, with 8% already working with this technology. 

Some of its perks are:

  • More flexible distribution.
  • Seamless installation.
  • Reduced expenses and fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Faster launch to market.


  • Dark Mode UI

This trend keeps gaining momentum around the world. A dark-themed website helps users enjoy web browsing either on a pc, a laptop, or a mobile device thanks to the visual design pattern. When interviewed by Android Authority, 82% of respondents said they use dark mode in their devices; this result is supported by a Polar survey that states that 95% of users prefer dark mode over light mode. 

Dark mode UI has gained popularity thanks to advantages like:

  • Reduced blue-light.
  • Less use of battery life.
  • UI content becomes more accessible.


  • API First Development

The goal of this approach is to fulfill the users’ needs. It is becoming widely popular because it boosts delivery speed and reduces development expenses. 

When working with API First Development, developers can work on their tasks and push the code simultaneously when the website is visited by users.


This method has different perks, including:

  • Enhanced user experience and adaptability.
  • Reduced time to market.
  • Enhanced user experience.


What do you think about these web development trends? Are you looking for the perfect team to develop a website? Glajumedia has got your back. Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Contact us and let us start your project.

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