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Web Design Trends ruling in 2023


Jan 7, 2023

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As we get into this new year, numerous ideas become popular as a way to make websites easier to navigate through as well as more appealing. Here is a list of some web design trends that will gain momentum this year.


  • AI color generated palette

Thanks to AI, designers do not need several days thinking about a color palette now. There are different sites with a big library of color palettes that can generate just what you need in a matter of seconds. According to the experts at UIUX Trend, the colors that will be taking the internet are Warm Orange, Warm Red and Cool Dark Green.


  • Inclusive design

A design is considered inclusive when it takes into account each user’s perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, characters and more. If you want a successful website in 2023, make sure to incorporate inclusive design into it. This means, it should be accessible, provide flexibility between dark and light mode, keyboard access, text size, etc.


  • Hoverable iconography

One of the goals of a good web design is to create interfaces that will require minimal effort from the user. The more intuitive a design is, the faster it can become popular among users. In this sense, icons that are used in headers can help users identify sections and interpret things easier.


  • SVG over JPG and PNG

In case you are wondering which picture format to use on your website, it should be SVG. This format is a vector that can be resized conveniently without risk of losing quality. SVG files are usually small even for complex graphics or images.Thus, it is ideal for illustrations, logos and even infographics. 


  • Shape texturization

In 2023, web designers will begin using organic shapes to provide something unique and different to their designs. In fact, adding textures will be all over the place, not only for web design, but also mobile apps. 


What do you think of these trends? Have you noticed another one to add on this list?


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