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UX trends to keep in mind


Aug 4, 2021

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Creativity is a crucial element for businesses that want to draw the attention of a website visitor. However, style and design need to support the functionality of the site to ensure it is user-friendly. When it comes to UX trends (User Experience), the ones related to form are more visible than the ones related to substance. Yet, it is important to remember both are part of the structure of any online platform. 

Do you want a state-of-the-art website? We have compiled a list of UX trends you should keep an eye on.

1.  Simplified UX

The process of registration and signing in has been simplified to prevent interfaces from forcing users to take extra actions such as filling out a username or a password. There are several examples of simplified systems today. Apple, for instance, has included a custom button that avoids extra steps for registration, and Marketplace now allows users to sign in simply by entering their phone number instead of requiring an additional password. 

This trend for fewer steps has led most apps to facilitate signing in through different popular accounts with buttons like Continue with Google; Continue with Apple.

2.      Advanced micro-interactions

A micro-interaction refers to the moment a user takes an action on a website that causes the system to respond. It can be as simple as clicking on a button or moving the mouse. The purpose of such actions is to foster a feeling of tactile satisfaction and involve the user. 

In 2021, micro-interactions gained momentum at a macro level. And now designers are including multiple transitions and animations to sites. This trend is relatively opposed to previous ones with a more minimalist approach. Nonetheless, the extreme transitions do not come as intrusive since they demand action by the user. 

The benefit of such micro-interactions is maximizing the user’s connection with the page.

3.      Colorful background

Using a background full of color or gradient remains one of the most popular styles for websites. However, some slight changes were introduced; and gradients are becoming lighter yet more complex. Before, websites would include linear gradients using 2-4 colors. This scenery is different today that brands go for gradients that include up to 10 colors. 

In this category of colorful gradients, we can see websites like MyMind or Stripe.

4.      Escapism

2021 has brought the journey of software design to lovely sceneries. In fact, there is a trend of showcasing breathtaking locations and wanderlust lifestyles in homepages and different layouts to offer visitors a sense of escapism. 

To keep the sense of natural sceneries, the whole content is displayed differently, with color schemes mimicking the ones in nature, oversized hero images, and layered copy that helps create a more realistic depth.

5.      Mobile-first approach

It is no surprise over half of the search queries come from mobile devices. Today, people do just about anything from their phones. From searching a café for dinner to buying concert tickets, buying food, clothes, etc. With such a share of visits, the mobile-first approach became a trend in the world of UX. 

Web designs that only work well on desktops fail to capture visitors. On the other hand, well-developed platforms that work in other devices improve customer interaction and satisfaction. 

 Do you want to renew your site with these and other UX trends that will keep it relevant? Contact us and we will advise you.

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