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UX Design Principles that will reign 2022


Apr 27, 2022

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UX experience is present everywhere when you enter the world of web or app development. But, what are exactly the principles? As we know, UX stands for User experience. It is the part of design that focuses on understanding user requirements and what they need from the product, as well as their restrictions. Therefore, UX Design Principles refer to the foundation ideas to keep in mind when designing and developing an online product.

Here are some UX design principles to keep in mind for this year:

1. User-centric design

As stated, the main goal of UX design is to understand the requirements of users. Thus, decisions should always be made with empathy. Designers always want to make the best product, but the product should not be about their preferences or opinions, but about what is best for the user. So the things to keep in mind are the users’ interests, choices, opinions, needs, and more.


2. Accessibility

Accessibility is another pillar in the world of UX. In simple words, the designers and developers need to ensure that many people can use the product.

What does accessibility refer to in concrete terms? As an example, when designers put labels outside text entry instead of inside them, screen readers used for visually challenged users, have it easier to go through and read them. In the same way, when using high contrast between the background and the text, both visually challenged users and users who are in low-light settings can read without difficulty.


3. User control

UX thinks about every part of the path of a user. Therefore, how much the users can control their activities and interactions with the product will matter. Users should be able to correct their errors. For example, when creating a new event on the calendar, there should be an option to cancel or go back in case there was an error.

In the same way, helping more progressed users boost their efficacy helps them feel more seen and get more in touch with your online product.


4. Usability

The design usability is another key aspect. In fact, many consider this to be the best you offer users because if usability fails, the product can fail. 

However, when it comes to usability, there are fine lines between what is good and what is not so good. The main rule is that beginners know the necessity and flexibility in every task.


5. Storytelling

Storytelling is always about connection. When it comes to UX, it refers to the principle of making a product that communicates with users in an effective way. Today, users prefer short and simple texts accompanied by strong images or videos. Thus, it is important that the product uses these media according to the users’ interests.

Why is storytelling so important? When having a message delivered in a clear way, it is easier to evoke emotions and to get the user connected to the brand.

Do you know any other principle that will reign UX design this year? Do you want to stand out making the most of these principles? We are here to help you. Contact us and enhance your online product.


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