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Tips to make your React website SEO friendly


Oct 27, 2022

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React JS is a great option when developing your website because it is one of the most simplified alternatives, and it offers stability in code. When developing multiple pages, the question of whether or not they are SEO friendly arises, so here are some tips to help your React website rank higher on search engines.


1. Building static or dynamic web applications

Sometimes SPA, single page applications, can be difficult to be fetched by Google in terms of SEO. In these scenarios, static or dynamic web apps appear as a great solution for a SEO friendly site as their use of server-side rendering helps Google pods crawl your website smoothly. However, it will depend on the use for each page and the market it is intended to serve. For example, if every page on your website serves a specific purpose, the dynamic website is your choice. Or, in case you want to promote your landing pages, you should opt for a static website.


2. 404 code

Any error in a page’s data results in a 404 code. To prevent this, try to set up files in server.js and route.js as soon as you can. This way, the updated files with server.js or route.js can relatively augment traffic on your web app or website.


3. URL case

In cases where the URL has lowercase or uppercase letters, Google bots consider the pages separate. If you want to prevent this from happening, always generate your URL in lowercase.


4. Use <a href> only if required

A common error with SPAs is using a <button> or <div> to change the URL. And this may represent some problems, not with React itself, but how the library is used. In the case of search engines like Google, the bot processes a URL and searches for more URLs to crawl within <a href> elements. 

If the <a href> element cannot be found, Google bots will not crawl the URLs and pass PageRank.

To avoid this error, you can define links with <a href> for the Google bot to see the fetch the other pages and go through them.


5. Try to avoid hashed URLs

It is becoming more well known that the Google bot does not count anything after the hash in URLs. For example:




The bot will not see anything after the hash, so https:/domain.com/ would be enough if you want your page to be fetched and shown properly.


If you want to be SEO friendly, you can contact us. We put our years of experience at your service to help you reach your goals. 


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