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Strategies for Minimalist UX Design


Oct 14, 2022

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Minimalism is a big trend across industries. In fact, many people are related to its principle “Less is more.” In the digital landscape, minimalism is quite popular as the approach aims to eliminate non substantial content and prioritize a good user experience through a fast navigation. To do this, under a Minimalist UX Design model, websites are designed with easy-to-access critical elements and helpful interface features.


There are some strategies to create good digital experiences with this model:

Guide users with formal visual elements

In a minimalist design, formal elements like layout, color, typography should be visually pleasing while directing the visitor’s attention as expected.

  • In the case of typography, this element should focus on clarity. Typically, the most used typefaces are Helvetica, Univers, Folio. Whereas, when trying to highlight or emphasize something, bold typography works perfectly. You can match the color scheme of your text to colors in the images or illustrations on the page to create uniformity.
  • In terms of layout, the grid system is heavily relied on by many designers as this helps them align content and create layouts that are consistent across pages and screen sizes.
  • When it comes to photography, the advantage of a minimalist design is that its visual simplicity allows the visual elements like photos and illustrations to give more impact. 
  • Talking about color, this element is so important that it can capture the visitor’s interest. Usually, minimalist design uses one to three colors. They rely on color schemes rather than monochromatic or neutral colors.


Find a balance between form and function

It is true that having many components can make a website more appealing. However, the more elements, the longer it may take for a website to load. As minimalism relies on fewer components, the result is a faster website. This is particularly beneficial considering that the conversion rate of a website that loads in one second is three times higher than that of a site that loads in five seconds.


Limit product options of the page

Besides considering the essence of minimalism for the previous aspects, make sure to apply a minimalist approach to your products list as well. Studies have shown that people may feel overwhelmed when facing too many options and too much information at once. 


Use Generous Whitespace

Whitespace is the blank space between content. Under the Minimalist UX Design model, whitespace is essential as it makes the layout easy to scan. This element plays such an important role that when used in larger ways, it makes other elements more noticeable, forcing attention right where you need it.


What do you think of these strategies? Are you into a minimalist approach for your website? At Gmedia, our expert team develops top-quality websites based on your wants and needs. We value quality over all, so you can also check our QA services. Contact us today and let us enhance your online presence.


If you want to know more about Minimalist UX, you can check this article by Toptal.

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