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JAVA VS PHP: Which is the best choice for 2020?


Jul 17, 2020

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Nowadays, technology has become essential for most people since computers are playing a significant role in our lives. Indeed, learning about computer languages has become a top skill for developers.

In the field of web development, the biggest decision comes around where to begin this journey. From being a developer looking for the best programming language in 2020 to an entrepreneur searching for the perfect back-end programming for the company website, this is the right place to start. 

The importance of learning different programming languages is essential as a developer or company. However, with more than 700 programming languages, it becomes confusing for most developers the decision of which backend frameworks to learn in 2020. 

Recent studies show that Java is one of the top programming languages with 41% of developers using it for web development and PHP with 26.4%. Therefore, this post will provide you with the best information about these two programming languages which might help you to make the best decision.


Both languages are open-source and object-oriented programming. PHP is a server-side scripting language, which was created for web development but now is used for other purposes. With Java, you find a general-purpose by compelling programming language. It focuses on enabling writing code which only is used once on different platforms.

PHP brings a bunch of frameworks that are quick and highly productive with a cost-effective result for the dynamics of web pages. For example, companies such as Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and more use PHP.

On the other hand, Java code runs at any device where the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed. Also, it is a client-side programming language because of its stability. This language focuses on Write Once and Run Anywhere (WORA) approach.



  • According to Sitepoint, Java is much faster than PHP like writing complex enterprise applications.
  • Much better in large web applications
  • PYPL report says that is the second-most researched programming language.
  • Java provides high-end protection to your enterprise application.
  • Supports Intellij, Notepad++, DOS editors, and others that enhance the efficiency to write an application.
  • It uses straightforward syntax as similar to the English language with minimal symbols.


  • Allows developers to speed up the process of writing application is quite.
  • Suitable for small applications.
  • It has to use a specific framework to wite a mobile application
  • Security feature and mechanism needs to be avail by other PHP frameworks to enhance the security level of the application.
  • PHP has a plugin for Eclipse and Netbeans.
  • Works fine in the hands of a trained software engineer who knows how to design for the enterprise.


The programming language world is really competitive and businesses need to be a single thing -staying up to date with the most recent technologies. 700 programing languages offer you a world of multiple possibilities. Any of them will bring you success and keeps you ready for the future market. 

Java and PHP have strong benefits and support for the world’s leading companies and the largest websites. Java has strong security and easy connection with third-party APIs, so goes much better with complex projects such as banking or supply chain industries. On another hand, PHP is a low cost and fast language solution for e-commerce and retails.  

Get more opportunities for your business in this era of technology, Glajumedia has the experience knowledge about these programming languages and many others.

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