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Everything you should know about ChatGPT


Feb 28, 2023

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You have probably seen videos about the newest tool by OpenAI and how it works. Truth is, the topic is going viral thanks to how well-written the sentences generated by artificial intelligence appear. In fact. Up to today, ChatGPT has surpassed 100 million active users.


ChatGPT is a tool that lets you type natural-language prompts.offering responses derived from huge volumes of information on the internet, as well as your previous questions. It was developed by OpenAI.


What does it do?

Developed by artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language model that generates text that can sound like a human wrote it. Its responses come after a long training with huge quantities of computer power over a period of weeks. It is important to mention, however, thatGPT does not actually know anything the way you do. It is just able to find relevant information rapidly in its oceans of training data, and convert that into plausible-sounding paragraphs of text.


For example, we asked the platform about SEO for ecommerce and, after finding data, it came up with a very coherent, complete response about Search Engine Optimization and some ways to develop an effective strategy.

How can you use it?

The platform is very easy to sign up for and use. There is a free version and Pro version that you must pay to use. Here are the steps to use ChatGPT.

  • Head over to the ChatGPT website and create an account. It will take a while for your account to be accepted, so just wait a little.
  • Once your account is accepted, log in with your email.
  • Next, the site will show some example prompts, and some information about how ChatGPT works. You will see a text box at the bottom of the page. This is where you can ask ChatGPT any of your questions or prompts.


How does it work?

This model was trained with text databases from the internet. According to Science Focus, the training included a whopping 570GB of data obtained from books, webtexts, Wikipedia, articles and other pieces of writing on the internet. The system was fed with 300 billion words. 

Thanks to the numerous trainings, now the model can produce coherent texts based on probability by guessing which word should be next for a good sentence. 

What makes ChatGPT so good is that the system is in a continuous learning process and while guessing which word should be next, it keeps improving its understanding of prompts and questions to become the ultimate know-it-all.

What do you think about this technology? Have you tried it yet?

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