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Here’s a guide to cloud security

Cloud systems have changed the way businesses operate and today it is hard not to rely on them. In fact, almost 90% of organizations depend on the cloud. However, it is crucial that they analyze the situation through every corner in order to guarantee cloud security.   What is cloud security? It is a discipline […]

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Top programming languages in 2021

The world of programming languages is home to a wide variety, each with advantages and preferences.

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UX trends to keep in mind

Creativity is a crucial element for businesses that want to draw the attention of a website visitor.

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Nearshoring: Advantages and advice

In the business world, it is no surprise that some specific tasks are delegated to specialized companies.

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IT: Trends and what emerged from the pandemic

The pandemic shifted communications and technology. Here is a list of the trends that emerged for this year in the IT world.

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5 Reasons to Invest in UI and UX Design for your company

UI/UX Design has come to change the panorama ants it is crucial for businesses that want to succeed. This article will explain why you should invest in it.

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Nearshore outsourcing

Outsourcing: Nearshoring, Offshoring, and Onshoring

By 2009 Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing revenues crossed the $ 250 million mark.

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Nearshore Outsourcing

This article aims to delve into the same, with a major focus on the IT nearshore. It’ll speak of nearshoring in Peru and why you must go for it.

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Nearshoring in Peru

Nearshoring in Latin America means working with countries in the same time zones as Canadian and US-based companies, which allow international teams to work unhindered during the same working hours.

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CSS Practices to Create Responsive Image

Have any of you ever ask yourself about a mobile-friendly website? If you took the responsive design route, then you must establish a strategy to make a responsive image.

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